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Genesis – Turn it On Again Tour

by November 06, 2006

Genesis, one of the premier British progressive/pop rock groups of the 70s, 80s and early 90's is back after a 15 year hiatus of its core members: Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks. Joining them are their accompanying musicians they've toured with since the mid 70's: Chester Thompson (Drummer) and Daryl Stuermer (Lead Guitarist).

In their nearly 40 years as a band, Genesis sold over 130 million albums worldwide, played 1,400 shows, including some of the most musically ambitious and theatrical performances ever staged in rock. When they hit the mainstream, they were able to sell out tours to the like of 288,000 fans at Wembley Stadium in 1987. Yet sadly you won't find them (or many other progressive rock bands for that matter) in the Rock Hall of Fame. If there's any doubt in your mind that Genesis isn't one of the most musically gifted and influential bands in rocks history, I suggest watching this old rendering of " Los Endos " they performed live featuring a drum duo between Phil Collins and Bill Bruford (former Yes and King Crimson drummer) or a classic " In the Cage " from their Mamma tour in 1980 or " One for the Vine ". Two chord rock Genesis isn't, so if your only exposure to so called "modern progressive rock" these days is from the likes of Smashing Pumpkins or Green Day, you're in for a real treat rediscovering Genesis music.

There has been a movement for the past year to get this band back together to revitalize their music and bring their great sound back into the fold for the 21 st century. Today was an exciting day for all Genesis fans alike when a live interview of Mike, Tony and Phil was broadcasted on the Genesis site ( http://www.genesis-music.com/ ) making their reunion official. Originally it was discussed to reform the original 5 member band of Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Steve Hackett to do a tour featuring the entire Lamb Lies Down on Broadway but, due to Peter's schedule, this became unfeasible for 2007. Thus, the trio decided to go forward (Phil, Tony and Mike) with a tour which will cover a selection of their music dating back all the way to 1973.

In the interview, Tony Banks discussed playing such classics as: "In the Cage", "Domino", and "Los Endos" . Mike Rutherford conveyed how he missed the drum duos between Phil and Chester and planned on including many instrumental songs that take full advantage of the dual drummer scenario that made Genesis concert performances legendary. Phil also stressed how he would be hard at work getting his chops back into drumming as he plans on doing a lot of it in this upcoming tour.

The question came up about the intent of this Tour which Phil Collins referred to " a selection of shows " and he made it clear that they are doing this for pure fun, nothing more. Another reporter questioned them on the financial element of the tour, and they again made it clear they are doing it for the fun of playing music together again, as well as to bring band awareness back to music industry. Of course the fact that they will be performing to a crowd of 300,000 people in Rome for free gives some indication that they mean what they say. This tour is a reminder to fans and music goers alike that Genesis is a much more diverse group than their pop chart hits of the 80's.

Phil stated if money was issue, they would have booked more than 20 shows currently scheduled in Europe only, to satisfy the global demand he believe exists. " We're all loaded enough without worrying where the next million or two would come from" says Phil. Mike and Phil stated they put a cap on the number of tours to keep it fun for them and make the reunion more special. They also mentioned they would be doing an additional 20 shows in the USA , but the tour dates and locations haven't yet been announced.

An interviewer (thankfully asked) if Genesis would be getting away from doing Medleys of their old tunes in favor of playing full length songs and Phil responded he was aware of the issues people had with doing Medleys and that they typically didn't please anyone (core fans or fans of their more pop type tunes). He jokingly said they would be doing more Medleys, but also made it clear that they have worked it out and would focus these type of Medleys more on the instrumental type songs that tied together.

This interview was very positive overall. The guys seem ecstatic to be playing together again and it's a neat twist that they are doing it for the love of music, and not for the enrichment of monetary compensation. It sounds to me like they are aiming at making a great impression on the music world so that people remember their progressive roots and heart in their playing. It's about time!

I was saddened to hear they aren't working on any new material at this time, but on the flipside perhaps this gives them more time to focus on rehearsing and perfecting their performance. I understand Tony's comments about it being awkward bringing on Steve Hackett without Peter Gabriel, especially since Darly Streumer has been a more integral part of the band on touring for the past 30 years. I do hope for the day when the original 5 members will once again assemble on stage to perform "The Lamb" or even "Suppers Ready". As sure as an egg is an egg and a brick is a brick, I will patiently await that day. A flower?!?

For Tour Dates, visit: http://www.genesis-music.com/

5.1 SACD Releases of Genesis Albums

From The official Genesis Website:

To coincide with the Genesis tour, EMI Records will be re-issuing 14 Genesis studio albums in three stages during 2007. All the releases will be SACD/DVD double disc sets featuring newly re-mastered 5.1 surround sound and stereo mixes. The release schedule is as follows:

March 2007:
A Trick Of The Tail (1976)
Wind & Wuthering (1977)
And Then There Were Three…(1978)
Duke (1980)
Abacab (1981)

June/July 2007:
Invisible Touch(1986)
We Can't Dance (1991)
Calling All Stations(1997)

Late 2007/Early 2008:
Trespass (1970)
Nursery Cryme (1971)
Foxtrot (1972 )
Selling England By The Pound (1973)
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway(1974)

If you're a Genesis fan and have been debating getting a new Universal DVD player, you now have 14 good reasons to run out and get one. I am looking forward to 07 for sure. All I have left to say is thanks guys for Turning it On Again!

To see the full Genesis Interview, visit: http://www.genesislive.tv


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