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DJ Aphrodite: v.2

by December 07, 2006

The British DJ Aphrodite debut album found it's way into my collection by chance. Hearing of this album through peers got me curious, so I went to the local alternative music store and purchased it. Was I suprised! Not only is this of a 'different' sort of techno-hip-hop genre, it's clarity of high's, mid's, and lows was stunning. This is a dance-till-you-drop, 4/4 beat based music list by the way.

Track List

1. Interlude
2. Cross Channel
3. Spice (Even Spicier)
4. B.M. Funkster
5. Interlude
6. Rincing Quince (Slider Mix)
7. Style From the Dark Side 99'
8. Interlude
9. Cool Fight
10. Stalker
11.King of the Beats
12. Listen to the Rythym
13. Music Hypnotising (Re-charged)
14. Woman That Rolls
15. Summer Breeze

Sound Quality
Ahh...where to start. If you like to crank your music, you will be suprised at the CD's clarity to reproduce the albums original recording. "Cross Channel" will move the bass so evenly during beats that you will feel it combing through your hair (in a smooth manner, of course); "Spice" throws in a great mixture of saxaphone along with a lot of trance-like highs; "B.M. Funkster" is a different, yet pleasing fast-paced cut; "Rincing Quince" is one of my favorites, also, starting with its slow, bassy interlude, and flows into a nice transition to "R.Q." I could go on and on, but why bother? On the basis of sound quality itself, I would recommend this to those fans of the current DJ cd genre.

DJ Aphrodite v.2 is a CD to get for those of you interested in this type of dance music. It is not linear, but brings you up and down with it's "mood-beat" swings; sort of like a musical story. The only problem I see for the potential buyer is that it is hard to find. But if you do come across this album, or finally end your search by finding it available (CDNow.com has it!), I'm sure you'll be pleasantly suprised and satisfied to have purchased it.


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