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Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms

by December 07, 2006

This CD was recorded in 1985 and soon became a classic thereafter. It was one if the first CD's which was mastered from a digital source as opposed to being recopied from an original analog source. While this CD may be almost 15 years old, it still stands the test of time with respect to audio fidelity and pure listening enjoyment. In fact, it doesn't suffer from too high recording levels or hyper compression commonly found in todays rock/pop CD's.

Track List

  1. One World
  2. Ride Across The River
  3. Your Latest Trick
  4. Why Worry
  5. Money For Nothing
  6. Man's Too Strong, The
  7. So Far Away
  8. Walk Of Life
  9. Brothers In Arms

Sound Quality
Everyone of the 9 songs on this album sound incredibly dynamic, spacious and real. "Money for Nothing" is a great song to test your systems capabilities. It really lets you know just how competently your system can handle deep bass and sonic textures of many musical instruments playing simultaneously. "Your Latest Trick" and "Why Worry" get you in touch with how intimately your system can play the subtle nuances of cymbals, high hats, and electric guitar. You can't help but turn the volume up louder as it only sounds better when you do. Not only does this CD sound great, but it is one of a select few of its era with an incredibly low noise floor. During the quietest passages, it amazed me how clean and noise free this CD remained throughout. Many CD's from this time frame tend to be bright or harsh sounding and thin in the bass department. " Brothers in Arms " never suffered from these undesirable sound characteristics . Instead, it remained to be a sonic heaven of sound. I highly recommend this CD as it will make a worthy addition to your collection. In addition, your ears will thank you for it!


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