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Bonus Gimmicks and Conclusion


Quasi (fake) Phase Plugs

Be cautious with some loudspeaker manufacturers that use a quasi phase plug which looks like a phase plug for marketing purposes, but does not physically separate from the cone of the driver. These "so called" phase plugs can sometimes do more harm than good as they can provide an inconsistent surface area and can also increase mass of the cone yielding poorer frequency response and linearity.

A real phase plug essentially eliminates the need for a dust cap, which in turn, reduces cone mass, permitting extended frequency response. It allows more airflow through the motor structure, which improves cooling and thus increases power handling. A Phase plug also helps to reduce on-axis beaming by dispersing higher frequencies that the cone is producing.

"Digital" Speakers

Watch out for speakers with the word “Digital” in them. These usually tend to be associated with “White Van” speakers built in some Chinese factory or somebody’s garage loaded with cheap drivers, and electronics designed to look impressive with flashy brochures and outrageously high retail prices to confuse the inexperienced buyer. For more info on these brands, visit Scam Shield.


This article makes some generalizations based on our personal experiences over the past several years while reviewing and demoing various loudspeaker products. It should be used as a guideline only, to question manufacturers claims who implement any of the listed gimmicks to confirm their validity

White VanDon't blindly believe magazine reviews our even our own reviews for that matter. Go and audition the products yourself with music you are accustomed to. Don't let the salesperson brainwash you with technical garble printed on the manufacturer's literature for the product. Trust your ears and your eyes. Don't just go for the big name brands out there. While these brands are well-known and easy to find dealers for, there are many superior products offered from smaller reputable speaker companies, at the same price points or less, which go unnoticed because they don't advertise in magazines that write reviews saying "just buy them…" Also, never buy speakers solely on rave reviews. No speaker is perfect, and question the legitimacy of the reviewer and the content in the review if they claim otherwise.


Good Luck and Happy Listening!


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