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Sanus System CFA56 AV Cabinet Review

by March 20, 2009
Sanus System CFA56 AV Cabinet

Sanus System CFA56 AV Cabinet

  • Product Name: CFA56 AV Cabinet
  • Manufacturer: Sanus System
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStar
  • Value Rating: StarStarStarhalf-star
  • Review Date: March 20, 2009 13:30
  • MSRP: $ 849.99
  • Buy Now


Product Width:

23.25" / 59.06 cm

Product Height:

56" / 142.24 cm

Product Depth:

23.25" / 59.06 cm

Top Shelf Width:

23.25" / 59.055 cm

Top Shelf Depth:

23.25" / 59.055 cm

Top Shelf Capacity:

40 lb / 18.18 kg

Middle Shelf Width:

19" / 48.26 cm

Middle Shelf Depth:

19" / 48.26 cm

Middle Shelf Capacity:

50 lb / 22.73 kg

Bottom Shelf Width:

19" / 48.26 cm

Bottom Shelf Depth:

19" / 48.26 cm

Bottom Shelf Capacity:

75 lb / 34.09 kg

Package Width

58" / 147.32 cm

Package Height

9" / 22.86 cm

Package Depth

25" / 63.5 cm


  • Heavy and solid
  • Easy to run wires
  • Bottom exit of wires makes placing near wall easy
  • Open architecture circulates air silently
  • Best in class removable panel for full access to gear


  • No easy way to move to get behind to access gear
  • Top and door need dampening
  • Some fit and finish issues


The Sanus System CFA56 is quite a substantial piece of furniture. You definitely will feel like you got your $850 out of it. It is heavy, has built in "convection-style" cooling, easy access to your gear from the removable back panel, and bottom exit of wires. It is easily put together by a single person though it is not the easiest piece of furniture you'll ever assemble. The aesthetics are very good with a fairly high quality vinyl wrap over some quality pieces of MDF.
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