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Premier Mounts Victory Line

Premier Mounts Victory Line

Premier Mounts Victory Line


  • Product Name: Victory Line
  • Manufacturer: Premier Mounts
  • Review Date: January 11, 2008 16:37
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool

Executive Overview

Premier Mounts introduced its Victory Mounts family of flat-panel TV, plasma and LCD display mounting solutions at CES. Consisting of seven mount options, the Victory Mounts line is ideal for almost any size display and room configuration. The entire line is easy to use and install — no special skills or tools required. The Victory line of mounts will be available nationwide at Sears, Kmart, Fry’s Electronics, Staples, Conn’s and online at Target or Premier Mounts.

The Victory Mounts line includes:

  • Universal Flat Mount— With two models to select from, the Universal Flat Mount fits 26”- 42” (XUF-2637) and 37” – 63” (XUF-3760) LCD and plasma displays, and is suited for the majority of home entertainment situations. Ideal for mounting displays for eye-level viewing, the Universal Flat Mount holds displays less than one inch from the wall. The Universal Flat Mounts also feature a lift and hook design, safety lock and lateral shift adjustment capabilities.
  • Universal Tilt Mount — Available in models to fit 26”- 42” (XUT-2637) or 37” – 63” (XUT-3760) LCD and plasma displays, the Universal Tilt Mount is designed for mounting displays above eye-level. Holding the display three inches from the wall, the mount has a maximum tilt range of 15 degrees up or down. The tilt mount also features a built-in level for easy installation and lateral shift adjustment capabilities.
  • LCD Swingout Arm —Designed to fit displays up to 30 inches, the Swingout Arm mount is a top choice for mounting LCD displays is locations where having viewing flexibility is a priority. The swingout design allows consumers to pull displays up to ten inches away from the wall and retract to less than four inches in depth. Additionally, the mount has a maximum tilt range of 20 degrees and can be swung left or right 180 degrees. VESA 75/100 mm compatible, the mount incorporates a snap-in design for easy installation.
  • LCD Tilt Mount — Ideal for placing 13” to 30” LCD displays in locations where adjustments are necessary, the LCD Tilt Mount has a maximum tilt range of 20 degrees up or down. The VESA 75/100 mm compatible mount holds the LCD display less than four inches from the wall. The LCD tilt mount is a great solution for many difficult display placements.
  • LCD Flat Wall Mount — Designed to fit LCD displays up to 30”, the LCD Flat Wall Mount is perfect for mounting displays in any room in the house. The space-saving design holds the display two inches from the wall and is VESA 75/100 mm compatible. With an easy snap-in design and built-in cable management system, the flat wall mount is an ideal solution for many consumers.

For more information, please visit www.mounts.com.

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