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Omnimount Lift40 Flat Panel TV Mount Video CEDIA Preview

Omnimount Lift40 Flat Panel TV Mount

Omnimount Lift40 Flat Panel TV Mount


  • Product Name: Lift40 Flat Panel TV Mount
  • Manufacturer: Omnimount
  • Review Date: September 16, 2012 19:10
  • MSRP: $299
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool

For any of you who watch our video reviews, you may have noticed a TV in the background. That's been made possible by Omnimount's PROCFCART. Well, we decided to stop by their booth at the 2012 CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis and see what they were up to. It turns out they have a lot of great products this year - ways to mount your TV, ways to mount your iPad… but one of the more impressive products we saw was the new Lift40 Mount. It handles TVs between 30" and 55" - basically anything up to 40 pounds in weight. It's got a really low profile and fits flat against the wall. In fact, this is the very mount that Omnimount showed us last year in their upstairs demo area, but swore us to secrecy since it was still in development.

The Lift40 has 10 degrees of tilt and is fully VESA compliant so just about any monitor within its weight capability is going to fit. But what we like best about this mount is how day it is to move up and down. The Lift40 lets you easily lift the TV vertically, and then with one finger it lets you lift it back up. It gives you a lot of options. Naybe you're in a bedroom and you have the kids on the floor, or you might have a multipurpose room where you want the TV higher so you can watch TV while you do the laundry.

It's really easy and fantastic to use. The Lift40 is coming out in December and will be priced at just $299.

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