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DVD Audio Setup Tip #1

by August 25, 2004

DVD has truly changed the Home Theater realm by providing the home audio enthusiast with audiophile and videophile quality as good, or even better than the Cinema. However, many neophytes may not always recognize how to properly configure the DVD player before viewing a movie. In addition, many of the older DVD movies require the user to configure the DVD for the 5.1 channel soundtrack as they default to PCM or analog equivalent.

Listed below are some set-up tips to maximize enjoyment of the audio portion of your DVDs:

Note: The procedures below assume you have a Dolby Digital/DTS Receiver and DVD player and a 5.1 Speaker configuration.

1) Goto set-up menu on the DVD player and configure:

  • Dolby Digital Bitstream on
  • DTS Bitstream on

2) Select DVD input or equivalent on your Receiver.

3) Configure input on your receiver to "Auto" or "Digital".

4) Insert the DVD into the player and enter the DVD set-up menu.

5) Select "Audio Menu" or "DVD Set-up" and configure the DVD for:

  • Dolby Digital 5.1, or
  • DTS 5.1

Note: Most of the newer DVD's default to the 5.1 soundtrack, but don't assume. Always check!

6) Select Dolby Digital, or DTS mode on your receiver.

7) Press play on the DVD and look on the receiver front panel or on-screen display to verify that the DVD is playing in a 5.1 channel format.

8) Enjoy the movie :-)


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