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AV Tip: Use a Tripod with your Microphone for A/V Calibrations

by December 05, 2012


Whether you're calibrating your surround sound system or taking a photograph, a tripod can make a big difference in the results you get. The tripod will lift the microphone to your ear level and reduce the potential for interference and noise that would be present if you physically held the microphone in place. A good quality tripod can be inexpensive and are they readily available at a variety of retailers. 

Unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer, the microphone should always being pointing up towards the ceiling as straight as possible with no obstructions in its path.  The use of a tripod will help ensure a vibration free straight and stable alignment to achieve the most accurate calibration possible.  This is particularly even more useful for multi-point calibration systems such as Audyssey as you can simply move the microphone around the room while maintaining a constant height each time.

For other handy tips to maximize the potential of an auto-calibration system, particularly Audyssey MultEQ products:
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Source: Steve81 & Gene DellaSala

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