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Wicked Audio WI-8500 Evac Final Verdict


I was expecting the RHA SA950i headphones to crush the Wicked Audio WI-8500 Evac headphones on every level. That certainly wasn't the case. Sonically, the RHAs sound a touch better in the midrange but, if you owned both, I bet you wouldn't think it was much of a difference. Obviously, the RHAs have a lot more technology. They have a removable cable, in-line controls and mic, a carry pouch, and more current stylings. But, sonically, they sound a lot alike.

If you bought the Wicked Audio WI-8500 Evac headphones at full price, you'd get a set of headphones that sound about right for $60. What you wouldn't get was everything else. That makes them not such a hot deal for $60 (hence the value rating). But you probably won't spend $60 on the Evacs. Instead, you would spend half that for $60 worth of sound without all the extra bells and whistles. To me, that is a worthy trade.

Wicked Audio WI-8500 Evac On-Ear Headphones




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