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Wicked Audio WI-8500 Evac Sound Quality


And here we get to the meat of the review. If the marketing, logo, and box were "The Cover" - this is

The Book

wi-8500_onAll the slick marketing in the world can only get you so far. Eventually someone is going to buy your product and at that point, it is put up or shut up (or just sue people into submission).

And the Wicked Audio WI-8500 Evac headphones put up. Big time.

I compared the Wicked Audio WI-8500 Evac headphones to the RHA SA950i (which retail for the same price as the Evacs) and the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 over ear headphones. The M50s retail for much more (around $150) but they are one of my favorite headphones and ones that I believe are very linear in sound and neutral  in overall presentation. Together, both sets provided price point and sonic quality comparisons.

The Wicked Audio WI-8500 Evac headphones brag "Extended Bass" which is usually a red flag for me. It usually means "we'll make your bad, bassy music sound even BASSIER!" I.E. - not targeted at the people that actually care how their music sounds. But within the first few moments of listening, it was clear this wasn't the case.

The Wicked Audio WI-8500 Evac headphones have more than enough bass but it isn't overdone. Compared to the ATH-M50s, it was clear that there was a bass boost, but the RHA's showed me that it wasn't over done. I felt that the RHA's had a lot of bass (without any "Extended Bass" label) and the Evacs were about the same (or maybe a touch less). Most people prefer a bit of extra bass in their music anyway. The Evacs have that bump but not to the point where it overshadows the overall sonic presentation.


Wicked Audio WI-8500 Evac Folded 

I've read reviews of people complaining about the treble side of the Wicked Audio WI-8500 Evac headphones. I didn't find any real problems here. Compared to the RHA SA950is, the Wicked Audio WI-8500 Evac headphones sounded about the same. Maybe a touch more laid back but not really noticeable. Compared to the Audio-Technica ATH-M50s, both the other two sounded a bit fatiguing. And by a "bit" I mean "you might notice it after a few hours of use." That's not exactly unexpected at this price point.

The Wicked Audio WI-8500 Evac headphones are extremely easy to drive. Compared to the other headphones, I had to adjust the volume up for the other two quite a bit to get to the same level of the Evacs. This is great for those that will be pairing them with phones and other portable devices as it won't take much to put out a good deal of volume.

If the Wicked Audio WI-8500 Evac headphones had a weak point, it was the midrange. While the bass and the treble both sounded as good as the RHAs, the midrange had a recessed quality. This took away from the overall presentation, making everything sound a little softer and less defined than it should. It wasn't a dramatic effect, but noticeable in comparison.


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