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RHA MA600i and MA750i In Ear Headphones Preview

RHA MA750i

RHA MA750i


  • Product Name: MA600i and MA750i
  • Manufacturer: RHA
  • Review Date: August 09, 2013 08:05
  • MSRP: $89.95 (MA600i); $129.95 (MA750i)
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool
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  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • Custom 320.1 dynamic driver
  • Highly accurate, balanced sound
  • Dual insulated, oxygen-free copper cable
  • Signature aerophonicTM design
  • 3 button remote & microphone (for use with compatible Apple devices)
  • Hard carry case & tip selection
  • Three year warranty
  • MSRP: $89.95
  • Available 28th August- USA


  • 303F grade stainless steel housings
  • Handmade 560.1 dynamic driver
  • Precise, balanced and articulate sound
  • Reinforced, 1.35m, oxygen-free copper cable
  • Signature aerophonic™ design
  • 3 button remote & microphone (for use with compatible Apple devices)
  • Premium carry case & tip selection
  • Three year warranty
  • MSRP: $129.95
  • Available 28th August - USA

Executive Overview

RHA has announced a pair of new, premium, in-ear headphones. The MA600i and MA750i headphones feature handmade drivers, in-line controls, and a number of convenience features unique to the company. These are the highest priced headphones the company has made to date and represent the pinnacle of their technology.

To start with, both of the new headphones are in-ear. The main difference that will be immediately apparent is that the MA600i headphones have a straight cable and the MA750i headphones have a soft, rubber, over-the-ear loop. The 'i' in each model number refers to inline controls. There will be non-'i' models released as well but those will not hit the stores until September. The current models will start selling at the end of August. We'll start with the MA600i headphones.


MA600i Headphones 

The MA600i headphones feature aircraft grade aluminum construction, the RHA "aerophonic" design, and a three button inline remote and microphone. The inline remote is compatible with Apple devices though you can use it with select Android and other smartphones with special apps. The "aerophonic" design refers to the shape of the earphone which RHA designed like a trumpet's bell. This, they say, channels the air more naturally and allows "air to progress unobstructed and unforced from the driver to the ear."

RHA custom makes all their own drivers in Glasgow. The MA600i headphones feature their 320.1 driver. Currently, these are the only headphones in their line using this driver. According to the measurements posted on their site, the 320.1 driver (and presumably the MA600i headphones) measure fairly flat with a slight emphases in the upper bass region. We aren't sure of the specifics of how the frequency response chart below was measured, so I'd take it with a grain of salt.


MA600i Frequency Response

The cable is dual insulated and sports oxygen-free copper. RHA has included a hard carrying case and a stainless steel eartip carrying case (we've never seen anything like it). The MA600i headphones have a three year warranty and will run you just under $90 at retail. The non-inline control version will save you about $10. 


Stainless Steel Eartip Case

The RHA MA750i has a lot more changes than just a rubber over-the-ear loop to hold them in place during heavy activity. First, RHA has upgraded the driver to the 560i Dynamic- a driver specific to this model. This driver, according to RHA, measures flatter across the entire range and should produce a more accurate sound.


MA750i Frequency Response

The MA750i adds two sets of memory-foam eartips to the selection over the MA600i, for increased noise isolation. The RHA MA750i headphones also have a reinforced cable and feature 303F grade stainless steel housings. The driver is handmade. We find it interesting that the highest end of the RHA line would be targeted toward the active user. Usually, the over-the-ear loop designs are saved for those users that are willing to compromise sound quality for the ability to keep the headphones in their ears while exercising. The MA750i headphones will retail for $129.95 and will start shipping at the end of the month. The non-inline control version will ship next month and will save you $10. The MA750i headphones also have a hard case, a carrying case for the tips, and a 3-year warranty.

Both of the new RHA designs are rated from 16Hz to 22kHz with a 100dB sensitivity. The MA750i headphones are a bit heavier at 36 grams (versus 20 grams for the MA600i) though neither could be considered "heavy" by any stretch of the imagination. 


What we find most exciting about the new MA600i and MA750i in-ear headphones from RHA is the handmade drivers. Often we see manufacturers putting the same drivers in every one of their offerings. Here, we have different, purpose-built drivers for each tier of their line. They've even included measurements showing how they perform (the fact that they are different is more interesting than how flat they are). We've had some good experiences with RHA offerings in the past and we're very curious to hear how these new, top-tier offerings sound.

For more information, please visit www.rha-audio.com.

Unless otherwise indicated, this is a preview article for the featured product. A formal review may or may not follow in the future.

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