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I-MEGO Throne Gold Sound


When you review a Ferrari, you don't knock it for being fast. Or red. It's a Ferrari. They designed it to be that way. In the same way, it is not really fair to knock the I-MEGO Throne Gold headphones for their overabundance of bass. They were designed with a bass boost in mind. If you didn't want a lot of bass, you would have bought the Poison version. Here is the frequency response graph provided by I-MEGO of the Throne Gold headphones:


That's up to 15dB of boost from the average of the top end to the bottom. That's a lot. There is no way you aren't going to notice that amount of extra bass during playback. I'm not sure rock, R&B, and hip hop need that much extra bass. But someone must or I-MEGO wouldn't have customers for their Throne Gold headphones.

With that much extra bass, it was very hard to evaluate the upper end of the response. In fact, the bass was so overpowering that the vocals and overall soundstage of the music was very subdued and recessed. The top end of the Throne Gold headphones was well extended and natural. I sensed no inkling of fatigue with the Throne Golds even after long listening sessions. The slight weight and comfortable band and earpads certainly helped. The midrange was decently clear though the bass boost definitely muddied up the presentation.

throne_side     throne_slide

One area where the I-MEGO Throne Gold headphones excelled was with imaging. For $130 headphones, they managed to perform pans better than many headphones I've tested. Even in-ear headphones tested at higher price points didn't perform as well. 

At low volumes, you may find it difficult to hear anything over the bass. At higher volumes (not immediately damaging but still quite loud) the higher frequencies were able to cut through. These are headphones for those that not only like bass, but like to listen to their music fairly loud.


As you might expect, the bass was very well extended. If you like low frequencies, you won't be left lacking with the I-MEGO Throne Golds. They actually sounded a lot more like an home theater subwoofer (one of the good ones) rather than headphones. The bass didn't quite shake your head but it did try awful hard. The emphasis on these frequencies did tend to muddy the presentation a bit, but the amount of bass was prodigious.


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