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TCL Shows Massive 115-Inch QD Mini LED TV at CES 2024

TCL 115-inch Display

TCL 115-inch Display


  • Product Name: 115QM89 115-Inch QD Mini LED TV
  • Manufacturer: TCL
  • Review Date: January 18, 2024 08:15
  • MSRP: $20,000 (approximately)
  • First Impression: Gotta Have It!
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TCL came to CES promising to deliver “better performance and bigger screens,” and aiming to “break down the barriers in home theater.” We expected a broad range of Mini LED models in the company’s expanded and enhanced TV lineup for 2024, which includes the entry-level S Class alongside the higher-end QLED Q Class TVs. This year, the company also introduced a new, premium QD Mini LED range inside the Q Class. We weren’t surprised to see the company boast better backlighting, enriched color, improved processing, and built-in multi-channel sound on its biggest models. But what we definitely didn’t see coming was the company’s enormous 115-inch QD Mini LED TV. The new mega-size 115QM89 is officially the world’s largest QD Mini LED TV, delivering about 38 percent more screen real estate than the company’s 98-inch offerings, which were the largest in the TCL lineup until now. TCL says its new monster TV can be part of the “ultimate home theater,” and it certainly has the potential to be a projector-killer. The display itself is well over 8 feet wide! While a projector is capable of producing even larger images, the TCL’s 5000 nits peak brightness spec is not something you can expect a projector to match.

Our display technology enabled the introduction of TCL’s 115-inch QD Mini LED TV, considered the world’s largest of its kind, providing users with an unparalleled viewing experience and demonstrating TCL CSOT’s technical expertise in the field of ultra large-scale displays.

— Jun Zhao, CEO of TCL CSOT

The 4K QD Mini LED Ultimate display at work in the 115QM89 uses TCL’s most advanced Mini LED backlighting system with an astonishing 20,000 local dimming zones. The 115-inch panel is manufactured by the company’s own display panel manufacturing branch, TCL CSOT (China Star Optoelectronics Technology). In order to control such a massive number of zones, TCL developed its most powerful processor to date, the AIPQ Ultra processor, which is exclusive to the 115QM89. The TV includes advanced features such as a 144Hz refresh rate, Game Accelerator 240 for 240Hz gaming (at 1080p resolution), HDMI 2.1 ports with 4K/120Hz and VRR support, an ATSC 3.0 tuner, and WiFi 6. It also features a 6.2.2-channel speaker system and a special anti-glare screen coating. TCL says that the screen coating incorporates “world-leading low reflection and soft light screen technology to address the issue of visual fatigue caused by screen reflection. The display screen surface is treated to achieve an exceptionally low level of reflectance, enhancing image detail while mitigating the negative impact of ambient light reflection on the human eye.”

TCL Big TV in room 

Last year was extremely successful for TCL as we maintained our position as top 2 best-selling TV brand in the US for the fifth consecutive year. TCL also achieved top 2 best-selling TV brand in the premium segment of QLED TVs in 2023, and 2024 is planned to be even more positive as we continue to raise the bar with innovation. TCL will roll out our biggest screen size ever, and we will upgrade our line with more choices in both 98-inch TVs and Mini LED TVs to meet consumer demand. We will continue to provide unmatched value for the consumer and our high-performance products will be second to none.

— Chris Hamdorf, Senior Vice President, TCL North America

TCL Big TV 2

In 2023, TCL became the top brand in 98-inch TV, proving our power in both bigger and better. In 2024, TCL will raise the bar with our new premium QD Mini LED, providing a never-before-seen level of TV picture quality. We will also enhance sound quality, cosmetic designs, and screen sizes with more 98-inch TVs and an all-new mega 115-inch screen size. In short, TCL will continue our promise to provide the best possible combination of quality, technology, and value, from our new best-in-class S5 4K UHD, to our new industry leading QM8 QD Mini LED, and to our new complementary Dolby Atmos sound bars. In 2024, you need to watch TCL!

— Scott Ramirez, VP, Product Marketing and Development, Home Theater

TCL CSOT first introduced its 115-inch display in September of 2023 at the IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin. The speaker system in the unit shown at IFA had Onkyo branding, but it’s unclear whether the speaker system included in the production version of the 115QM89 will be identical. Onkyo branding was not mentioned in the CES press materials, but both audio systems share the same 6.2.2-channel design. The display shown at IFA also shared other key specs with the production-ready115QM89, including an ultra-high display brightness of up to 5000 nits and 20,000 local dimming zones.

TCL 115QM89

The phenomenal display boasts a cinema-grade ultra-wide color gamut of up to DCI 99%, delivering extensive color details that enable content to be near-indistinguishable from reality. Equipped with HVA technology and Mini LED backlighting, it features a native contrast ratio of 7000:1 and an ultra-high display brightness of up to 5000 nits. Its optimal 8-domain multiplex design display panel ensures a wider viewing angle, presenting a truly immersive experience.


It’s worth pointing out that TCL CSOT also sells LCD panels to Samsung (which is a part owner of TCL CSOT), Sony, and other TV manufacturers. So we could see similar 115-inch TVs from other brands if the demand is there. According to TCL North America, the 115QM89 will ship in the summer of 2024 and will sell for less than $20,000.

More information: TCL 115QM89

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