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WarBeast PS3 Wireless Guitar

Yes, its full sized and yes, it is spectacular!

Yes, it's full sized and yes, it is spectacular!


  • Product Name: WarBeast PS3 Wireless Guitar
  • Manufacturer: dreamGEAR
  • Review Date: January 07, 2009 15:05
  • MSRP: $89.99
  • First Impression: Gotta Have It!
  • Compatible with Playstation 2 and Playstation 3
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • Responsive whammy bar
  • Extended strum bar for enhanced comfort
  • Removable neck and headstock for portability

dreamGEAR's newest video game accessory (which garnered an Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Award honoree status) is the WarBeast PS3 Wireless Guitar. The WarBeast is a full-size wireless guitar controller compatible with the PS3 that is fully licensed by iconic heavy metal guitar manufacturer B.C. Rich. It is designed to bridge the gap between professional guitars and gaming equipment. It is compatible with both Rock Band and Guitar Hero (and probably Rock Revolutions but no one plays that game anyhow).

DreamGear WarBeast PS3 Guitar

The guitar looks awesome and feels a bit more solid in the hands than your standard game controllers. The neck features the same dual controls that exist both on top and bottom for tighter control during solos. This is something a lot of people are going to really enjoy using. It's about as close to the real thing as gamers will likely get without strings.

For more information, visit www.dreamGEAR.net or www.iSound.net.

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