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V-MODA Faders Tuned Ear Plugs Conclusion


Years ago, I was in Vegas for CES and got to go to the see the Blue Man Group. I brought with me a pair of off-the-shelf foam earplugs. I put them in just as the concert started. A moment later, I removed them because of how bad they made everything sound. I figured, "It's only one concert, how much damage can they do?" Well, I'll never know the answer to that question but I do know that if I'd had the V-MODA Faders on hand, I'd have likely used them.

That's the important thing with earplugs. Sure, you can get some that block over 30dB of noise but if they make it impossible to enjoy what you are listening to, you aren't going to use them. That sort of earplug is fine for industrial purposes, but that's not what we're talking about here. The V-MODA Faders are designed to protect both your hearing and your listening experience. At $20 a pair, they aren't cheap but they are nowhere near as expensive as custom made earplugs (which can run in the multiple hundreds). Even the DIY molded earplugs tend to cost more. At this price, there is little not to like about the V-MODA Faders and anyone serious about protecting their hearing should have a pair around just in case. Highly recommended.


V-MODA Faders Tuned Earplugs



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