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Kimber Kable 8TC Speaker Cable Conclusion


The Kimber 8TC speaker cables, although rather pricey, probably offers some of the highest quality to value ratio I’ve seen in exotic cables. They measure considerably superior to standard 10AWG zip cord and they look a whole lot better too. From a cosmetics standpoint alone, some audiophiles may opt for a cable like this just to dress up their system and feel a sense of pride of ownership. Just like a Rolex watch doesn’t necessarily keep time better than a Swatch watch, there is something to be said for build quality, cosmetic and brand appeal. Kimber has all of this in droves.

kimber-banana.jpg      Kimber 8TC Cable connected

Kimber 8TC with WBT Terminations connecting to my Status 8C Center (left pic) and 8T Tower (right pic)

I’ve been using Kimber Kable products in various systems for many years now and have never been disappointed. I continue to use the Kimber 8PR in my primary reference system, and still think they are the highest value speaker cable product Kimber offers. But, the 8TC looks even nicer and offers even better performance. At almost 2.5 times the cost, you must determine if your budget can accommodate the 8TC cables. Price not being an issue, the Kimber 8TC will surely satisfy the audiophile both sonically and aesthetically. For those looking for a true reference cable that will do NO harm to the signal, the Kimber 8TC is your cable.

Kimber Kable 8TC Cable Review

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