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HDTV Cable Kit For Dummies Preview



  • Product Name: HDTV Cable Kit For Dummies
  • Manufacturer: Cables To Go
  • Review Date: January 08, 2009 09:20
  • MSRP: $99-$149
  • First Impression: Mildly Interesting

HDTV Cable Kit For Dummies Benefits

  • Provides a complete solution the first time
  • Delivers full HDTV experience including 1080p
  • Certified HDMI™ performance
  • Easy-to-follow application diagrams
  • Save time with For Dummies installation instructions
  • Cable management ties for tidy installation
  • Lifetime warranty on all cables
  • Free online and phone technical support

kitCables To Go showed off their new HDTV Cable Kit For Dummies and HDTV Premium Cable Kit For Dummies. What? Two kits? Shoot, I'm already more confused... These kits provide consumers a complete, end-to-end solution that features the cables needed for multiple high-definition connections and the practical knowledge necessary to quickly and easily connect home entertainment components.

The For Dummies way of informing and educating people seems ideally suited to helping consumers make the installation of home entertainment equipment quick and easy. The brand focuses on value and ease of installation -- not over-hyped, over-priced marketing claims that never help the consumer use the product.

The For Dummies Cable Kits have straight-forward, plain-English documentation and step-by-step instructional posters, which will save time and allow consumers to get the most out of their technology purchases.

With the For Dummies HDTV Cable Kits, consumers get a single package that provides high-quality cables for connecting a HDTV to audio/video components and straightforward, easy-to-use directions on how to connect the devices. The cable kits are available in two different offerings -- the HDTV Cable Kit For Dummies providing (2) 1080P certified HDMI cables and the HDTV Premium Cable Kit For Dummies providing (3) 1080P certified HDMI cables. Both kits come with a For Dummies quick installation poster, an HDTV For Dummies booklet that provides installation details and HDTV technology background, additional cables required to connect non-HDMI components, and reusable cable ties. Free technical support via chat and toll-free hot line as well as a lifetime warranty are additional benefits the kits provide. Available through retailers nationwide including Sears, the HDTV Cable Kit For Dummies has an MSRP of $99.99 while the HDTV Premium Cable Kit For Dummies has an MSRP of $149.99. Ouch. I guess it IS for Dummies!

The kits are a result of collaboration between 4DGP, the official licensor of For Dummies connectivity products; Cables To Go, an industry leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions; and Wiley Publishing, Inc., the publisher that has printed more than 200 million For Dummies books.

For more information about the HDTV Cable Kit For Dummies, please visit www.cablestogo.com/fordummies.

For more information about dummies go look in a mirror. Just kidding.

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