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HardCandy Bubble Case for Kindle Fire Review

by July 16, 2012
HardCandy Bubble Case for Kindle Fire

HardCandy Bubble Case for Kindle Fire

  • Product Name: Bubble Case for Kindle Fire
  • Manufacturer: HardCandy
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStar
  • Value Rating: StarStarStarStar
  • Review Date: July 16, 2012 21:35
  • MSRP: $ 39.95
  • Buy Now
  • Soft-touch exterior texture (White/ Black)
  • Iconic bubble design Polycarbonate shell with integrated rubber trim
  • Easy slide-on design
  • Rubber slide strips inside of the case to better fit and protect
  • Easy slider design and access to all media controls


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Attractive
  • Doesn't restrict access


  • Could have more grip
  • No screen protector


I'm a fan of the Bubble Case for Kindle Fire by HardCandy. It has a lot of what I like to see in a case. At just over two ounces, it doesn't add much to the weight of your device while offering a lot of protection. The case is attractive and its distinctive bubble design on the back has already brought on a number of compliments. At only $40, it isn't going to break your budget. It is easy to install and hard to take off. It made an immediate impression when I received the press release. When the case came in a clam-shell plastic enclosure wrapped in a cardboard box I knew I was in for a treat. The case is very lightweight and thin. At only 2-3/8 ounces (66 grams), I was thankful it wasn't going to add much weight to the Kindle Fire (at 14.6 ounces [413 grams], the Fire is hefty for its size). The black and grey color motif, while attractive is also near impossible to photograph. Overall - recommended.

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