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Gibson Robot Guitar

Gibsons Robot Guitar

Gibson's Robot Guitar


  • Product Name: Robot Guitar
  • Manufacturer: Gibson
  • Review Date: January 07, 2008 00:05
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool

Executive Overview

One doesn't have to have ever held a guitar to be impressed with Gibson's new Robot Guitar. While it wasn't a walking, talking guitar on legs that can play Stairway to Heaven while getting you a beer, it will tune itself. With a control system that makes the BMW iDrive system look simple, the single knob control will take some getting used to for users. In the end, the results may be well worth it.

The Robot Guitar has a single knob that is your interface into the tuning system. At its simplest, all you need to do is pull out on the knob, strum the guitar, and watch the magic. The "Powerheads" are essentially motorized tuning keys that communicate with the internal electronics to tune your guitar automatically. The heads turn as you strum until all the strings are in tune. There are a number of tuning options at your disposal including Dropped D, Delta Blues, and E Flat. Want to include your own unique tuning scheme? No problem. They have a custom setting for that as well.

Changing strings is even an automatic process where you install the string and the guitar gets it "close" to the right note. You just need to go through a normal tuning process in order to get the string exactly in tune. The Robot Guitar will even help you adjust the intonation - all through a series of flashes and colors. You're basically going to need to learn your guitar's language. The tuning function is battery powered and Gibson gives you a spare. A full charge should be good for around 200 tunings. This first run of the Robot Guitar will be limited so if you're interested, get one now. Visit www.gibson.com/robotguitar/guitar.html for more information.

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