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Denon DNP-720AE Network Audio Player Preview

Denon DNP-720AE Network Audio Player

Denon DNP-720AE Network Audio Player


  • Product Name: DNP-720AE
  • Manufacturer: Denon
  • Review Date: September 26, 2011 00:35
  • MSRP: $499.99
  • First Impression: Mildly Interesting
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  • Wi-Fi enabled player streams music wirelessly from your home network
  • Wireless Internet connection allows access to online music services and radio stations
  • AirPlay compatible for wireless connections with iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad
  • Hi-fi components for rich, detailed audio playback
  • Control player from Apple devices with the Denon Remote App
  • Two-year warranty
  •  Weight: In Pounds: 6.4

  • Width (inches): 17.1

  • Height (inches): 2.9

  • Depth (inches): 11.2

It is hard to get excited about Network Players. With just about every new Blu-ray player, receiver, and game console coming out with networking on-board as well as at least a modicum of streaming, what's to be excited about? The last streaming box we looked at was less than impressive. While Denon has a reputation to maintain, it is clear that they'll have to put together something special for consumers to plop down their hard-earned cash.

The Denon DNP-720AE Network Audio Player is nearly everything I expected from Denon. This network player can be connected via an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. It is set up for Internet radio or preformatted for Rhapsody, Last.fm, Napster and Pandora. It is DLNA 1.5 and Windows 7 certified for easy streaming from PC an other devices and has Apple AirPlay for wirelessly streaming from your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.


The DNP-720AE has an AM/FM tuner, Ethernet port, and both optical digital and RCA analogue stereo outputs. There is an antenna connection back there for the wireless antenna as well as for the terrestrial antenna. The front sports a three-line OLED display for those that like to see their song information on the front of your device. The front also sports a USB port for connection to non-iDevice MP3 players (Android owners can connect via DLNA). You can control the unit via the front panel, the included remote, or Denon's Remote App (available in the iTunes store). The only thing this device is really missing is an HD Radio and, honestly, it is the only thing keeping the DNP-720AE from being a slam-dunk (maybe they'll release that on the DNP-1080AE next CEDIA). For custom installers (sure to be a main consumer of this product) the DNP-720AE is Control 4-Certified, and thanks to inclusion of Denon’s Ethernet connectivity, offers IP control of third-party controllers, made possible through Denon’s integrated partnerships with control manufacturers such as Crestron, AMX, Control4, Universal Remote Control, Savant, and RTI. Click below to see all the same information, presented slowly, on bubbles, more than once. 


Who is the target audience for the Denon DNP-720AE Networkd Audio Player? Obviously custom installers but we think there are quite a few others that will be interested. With Apple's AirPlay on board, you have just about all the advanced network features available on the market without having to upgrade your receiver. Of course, for a couple hundred over the $500 price point of the DNP-720AE, you could upgrade your receiver. But if you really love your current equipment but want to add networking, the DNP-720AE could be the box for you.

For more information, please visit www.denon.com.

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