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Sony SCD-CE775 SACD Audience Mod

by July 07, 2003
Sony SCD-CE775 SACD player

Sony SCD-CE775 SACD player

  • Product Name: SCD-CE775 SACD player
  • Manufacturer: Sony Electronics
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStar
  • Value Rating: StarStarStar
  • Review Date: July 07, 2003 20:00
  • MSRP: $ 700 (includes mod)

  • The original Sony AC power wiring and filter components were removed and replaced with Audience components including new Auricaps and Auric hookup wire.
  • An IEC power inlet receptacle was installed.
  • The Sony power supply circuit board was removed, inspected and re-soldered as necessary.
  • All signal path electrolytic capacitors were removed and replaced with jumper wires or Auricaps as appropriate.
  • All critical signal filter capacitors were replaced with precision Auricap capacitors.
  • Critical JRC 2114 opamp IC's were replaced with selected OPA2132 Burr Brown units.
  • Electrolytic filtering caps for analog stage power supply sections were replaced with low impedance, larger value units.
  • Output signal filter capacitors were eliminated and the resistors were replaced with high quality nonmagnetic units.
  • RCA output jacks were replaced with upgraded units.
  • Power supply rails were bypassed with multiple value Auricaps.
  • A complete diagnostic scan and adjustment procedure was performed.
  • Listening evaluation and burn was performed.


  • Hefty upgrades
  • Quality components


  • Upgrades cost more than 2x the player


After a few phone conversations with Audience's Technical Director Richard Smith, he made a convincing argument about parts selection mass produced players tend to use, which are primarily chosen for budgetary reasons and not necessarily audiophile performance. Rich ard was nice enough to extend me the offer of modifying my stock SCD-CE775 unit in exchange for reviewing the unit on Audioholics.com. I graciously accepted the offer and shipped out my barely-used SACD changer to them.

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