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Line 6 AMPLIFi TT Guitar Effects Processor Remote App

By Steve DellaSala

In its most simple form, a musician can plug a guitar into the front panel along with a pair of headphones, and operate the AMPLIFi TT with nothing more than the onboard knobs and buttons.  But with a simple and free download, you can have access to what really makes this pre-amp a trend setter.  Line 6 has developed an app that is compatible with IOS and Android, which in my opinion has revolutionized the way a musician can configure guitar tones.  Without any prior training, I watched one brief but helpful video, downloaded the AMPLIFi Remote app onto my iPhone 5 and was able to intuitively weave through the amazing armament of features.  I was unsure how the app would work on a phone, considering most of Line 6’s marketing photos show a tablet with a much larger screen.  But I felt no disadvantage with the small screen size of the phone.  Easy-to-read and identify icons made it easy to quickly select any of the features available with a simple touch.  Amplifier models were categorized into Clean, American, British and High Gain.  Cabinets were identified by the speaker size, number of speakers, and type of speaker/cabinet.

amplifi5.PNG           amplifi6.PNG

     Amp Types                                   British Amp Types
                                                    (Partial List)

amplifi4.PNG                amplifi7.PNG

       Cabinet Types                            Adrian Belew Settings
                                 (Partial List)                                                                                                 

I really wanted to give the AMPLIFi Remote app a test spin with my music library, so I selected what I believed to be music that was a bit obscure from mainstream.  King Crimson’s Elephant Talk seemed to do the trick.  When loading the song into the app, there’s a section near the bottom called “Similar Tones.”  This part of the app searches the Line 6 database for user configurations that closely match the guitarist’s tone.  In this case, there were four such settings titled Red Main, Belew Tone, Fracture and Red Bridge.  Highlighting one of these tones with your finger automatically reprograms the model of the guitar tone including the amp head, cabinet, tone controls, gain, volume and effects.  I first selected the Belew Tone and was stunned to find how quickly and accurately it simulated Adrian Belew’s famous chorus with delay sound.  I then went on to another somewhat obscure blues musician named Joe Bonamassa and within seconds was able to pull up four users suggested settings including Bonamassa Plexi Clean, Zap’s Bonamassa, Blues Lead and Ballad of John Henry – Lead.  In all instances, the settings display a user star rating/ranking.  But perhaps the best part of this feature is the fact that you can create your own settings, name them and upload them into the ever growing Line 6 database.  This is something that I would never have imagined existed for a guitar player and without a doubt, it’s a quantum leap forward in technology that every musician at some level will enjoy. 

You can create your own settings and upload them to the Line 6 database.

But what if you don’t have songs in your music library and you still want to match the guitar?  Not a problem.  The app has a search feature that allows you to type in a musician’s name, song name, band name or music genre.  My searches included Journey, Boston, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pat Metheny, Jazz and tons of others.  In all cases, the results were amazing as so many options were available to choose from.  I also did a search for Porcupine Dream, found a match, fired up Anesthetize from my music library and started playing.  Not only was I floored at how closely it matched, but my wife commented that she had no idea I was playing along with the song.

amplifi8.PNG             amplifi9.PNG

      Stevie Ray Vaughn                             Boston            


amplifi11.PNG                  amplifi13.PNG

          Journey                                                  Robert Fripp         

But this app is not without issue because with great power comes great responsibility.  Likely the most troubling issue with this app comes from the first time you select a new tone, either out of the user library or from settings within the software.  It is far too easy to have the physical volume of the pre-amp and home theater receiver adjusted to a pleasing setting and then select a new amp model from a library where the gain is pinned.  In doing so, within an instant the AMPLIFi TT creates the loudest and harshest feedback you’ve ever heard in your life.  There is no protection within the software to keep the volume from suddenly slamming to deafening decibels.  This sudden volume change can easily overload and blow a perfectly good home theater receiver and/or speakers, so be very mindful of the volume and gain settings when switching tones.  My suggestion would be to turn the volume knob of your home theater receiver down to nearly the bottom when selecting new amps and models until you can determine where the volume and gain are set within the newly selected tone.  Please note: turning the volume knob on the AMPLIFi TT down is not the solution as that knob is also controlled by the software settings for the amp model you select.  Once a new selection is made, the amp model settings will raise or lower that volume.


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Hobbit posts on March 24, 2015 01:16
Band practice just finished Thanks for the review! Nowadays I play through a Fender Mustang III. I find these modeling amps in the Fender and Line 6 lines amazing. So much so I can't remember the last time I played through one of my tube amps….
gene posts on March 22, 2015 23:57
The Line 6 AMPLIFi TT guitar effect processor is a groundbreaking product that allows any musician to connect to their home theater system for practicing, and to take a compact, lightweight and easy to connect system to their gigs. The ability to use a simple software app via Bluetooth to control, program and customize the AMPLIFi TT to sound like your favorite guitarist, or to create your own signature tone, is revolutionary in the pro-audio arena. Line 6 has crossed the threshold from Pro-Audio to Home Theater with an amazing dual purpose product.

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