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Tip of the Day: The Audio Sweet Spot

by December 19, 2012
The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot

Every experienced listener knows exactly what I'm talking about.   That one magical place in any listening room where sound waves meet to transform the lucky occupant to audio nirvana otherwise known as the sweet spot. Ideally one should set up their theater room so every seat is a good seat but the stars will always align in one or maybe two locations in your room where sound perfection is achieved.

Here are a few guidelines to consider when setting up you gear:

  1. If the sweet spot will be on a couch or love seat, make sure it isn't between cushions.
  2. If your significant other requests your company away from the sweet spot- this is allowed only if you haven't heard the material before.
  3. It is not good etiquette to hog the sweet spot when showing off your system to others.
  4. It is good etiquette to force your guests to sit there (one at a time of course) and pay careful attention- pointing out that there is no way they could audibly locate any of your 8 subwoofers.
  5. The sweet spot should never be more than 23 steps away from a refrigerator containing your preferred adult beverage.
  6. Ideally- your audio sweet spot would also be your wi-fi sweet spot.

 source (forum member): adwilk


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