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How to Succeed in Business the Microsoft Way

by October 18, 2006

Microsoft , the software giant, released their new version of Internet Explorer yesterday. Version 7 touts increased security, is easier to use, and sports a number of added functionalities. Aside from the cosmetic, one of the more useful functions is tab browsing. With IE7, instead of having to have multiple windows open if you are viewing different sites, you have a single window with tabs along the top indicating which sites you have open. Users of Firefox should be familiar with this concept.

About as familiar as Mac users were with the idea of Windows when Microsoft introduced the first version back in 1983. Lets face it folks, if you can't beat them, or more importantly if it looks like you are losing market share to them, copy what they got. Microsoft has done it again with the IE7 which looks so much like Firefox that it is just eerie. Don't believe me? Check it out:




Internet Explorer 7

Looks remarkably similar to me. But that isn't all - you also get the piece of mind of having the installer program "verify" your copy of Windows. Now, Microsoft thinks that people will feel more comfortable knowing they aren't running a pirated version of Windows. Apparently, people will also feel comfortable being locked out of their computer when their Windows is incorrectly identified as being illegitimate. Well, not locked out but you will get logged off your browser after an hour or so of use. They call it "limited functionality". I suppose in Microsoft we trust.

In the interest of full disclosure, I've successfully installed IE7 on both my desktop and my laptop. I've heard horror stories of people getting locked out so, while the installer program was verifying my copy of Windows, I was biting my nails a bit. Microsoft will be providing unlimited phone support for IE7 until November 1st so if you think you might want to install it, do it now. There are a whole bunch of people in India that are just dying to talk you through it.

Addendum: Apparently, in the magical land of Microsoft, it makes sense that their new browser not be compatible with their most recent operating system. According to a report from a fellow Audioholic (sent to me after the initial printing of this editorial), they tried to install IE7 onto their Windows Media Center Edition machine. This had the effect of rendering his machine virtually inoperable. A call to tech support confirmed that IE7 is not compatible with Windows MCE. As a famous comic once said, "Here's your sign..."


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