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AVRant #68: Déjà vu

by May 16, 2008
No, thats just a really big speaker...

No, that's just a really big speaker...

The podcast that never ends (for us) begins (for you). Tom and Dina are a bit punchy after some technical malfunctions a la the ever "stable" Mac. Dina finally sees our listener-created picture (see right) and her reaction? Priceless. And then there were more technical issues (Dina had a key word cut off). Finally, the duo talks about important issues like AT&T's U-verse, Dina tells you the importance of watts for a sealed sub, and Tom talks about sub matching. Kenwood and JVC are hitching up, the ACLU hates the Army (duh), Tom loves Gears of War, and GTA IV sold like a billion copies. That's a lot of lunch money. Thanks for listening and don't forget to vote for us at Podcast Alley.

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