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AVRant #50: The Real Dina

by March 15, 2008
Arguing with yourself is so pointless...

Arguing with yourself is so pointless...

AV Rant reaches the big 50! Woo hoo! Tom and Clint need therapy. Tom thinks he might be cool. He's probably wrong. Dina puts him in his place and shows the "real" Dina. Tom sorta broke AV Rant again… but he fixed it. Tom will never learn his lesson about Wordpress but he did learn something about Dina. Chet weighs in on Knight Rider. David Hasselhoff and Eliot Spitzer? What are they doing on this Podcast? Tom is reviewing Army of Two and discusses briefly. Look for the review soon. Are spikes worth it? Brandon asks us to revisit the topic. What's the deal with speaker phase? Will that make a difference in sound? Tom and Dina discuss. Tom gives Jarret some homework. Tom decides to hold a mini AV Rant contest. The next contest will be open to more listeners, we promise. Are 3-D movies the next big thing? Tom and Dina discuss. Thanks for listening and don't forget to vote for us at Podcast Alley.

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