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AVRant #48: Protect Mode

by March 07, 2008
Cheerleader outfit + coffee = death?

Cheerleader outfit + coffee = death?

Tom's dad ran into a very common problem with his receiver. It's something that should be #1 on your troubleshooting checklist. What does Tom think about people that say that adding connectors to the end of your speaker cable degrades sound. Can you guess? Someone is trying to make Tom look stupid… he has a theory. What is "protect mode" and what does it mean? What would Tom do with his old receiver? Take it outside and hook it up to a sub of course! Tom throws out an apology to you the listener. Tom is a podcast whore. Check out this thread to see how people are using Audacity to look at their music. Geek lawn ornaments. Tom's AV Rant uniform. DRM discussion - NiN selling their music online. Tom and Dina discuss the new paradigm and what this means for the future. Tom accidentally got Disneyized. The music bait and switch. File sharing is bad. Tom almost got sentimental. What's cool about Yamaha's new receivers? Tom lets you know what he thinks. Chances are, you won't agree. Thanks for listening and don't forget to vote for us at Podcast Alley.

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juliusdeane posts on March 07, 2008 19:02
Maybe we should have an AVRant section on the forum instead of discussing each episode on the blog. I guess that works fine, though.
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