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AVRant #46: Fly-overs

by March 01, 2008
Plane... you are my NEMESIS!!!

Plane... you are my NEMESIS!!!

AV Rant HD DVD poll results are revealed and discussed. Mac people are used to disappointment. Tom's OCD and the AV Rant website makes it worse. Tom gives a quick update to his Comcast Cable HD issues. So far - it isn't looking good. Listen in to the laundry list of lies. AV Rant is getting used for research. Tom and Dina discuss. How do you balance music and home theater when buying speakers? Tom gives his opinion. Where do you listen to music (visit AV Rant to take the poll)? Tom is a survey snob. Is the WAF (wife acceptance factor) still a big deal? HGTV is not helping the cause of good sound in home theater. We have a guess on the secret Audioholics project. What kind of music would make Tom run out and buy it right now? Feel free to make some suggestions. Tom talks about the demographics of you, the AV Rant listener. Here's the link for Clint's HDMI article. Thanks for listening and don't forget to vote for us at Podcast Alley.

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