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AVRant #44: Killing Brain Cells

by February 22, 2008
Just like a bull...

Just like a bull...

Dina's got a new friend and Tom makes an old joke. That's OK, Dina still falls for it. Dina's got brain damage. Is streaming content the future? Tom and Dina discuss. Tom hates previews. More education about the high def formats (guess we should start referring to it as Blu-ray) is needed. While there are lots of types of compression, the thing to remember is that they are all bad. Geek alert! Want to see if your music has a lot of dynamic compression? Tom's got a suggestion. Dina's getting some tattoos… maybe. Universal remotes are your friend. Tom's friend needs a remote intervention. We talk about The Office (the BBC version) and Dina's got the name completely wrong (score one for Tom). Dina hates British TV. Dina needs a Monty Python intervention. More and more content is being streamed. This is a good thing. There's nothing on TV. NYPD Blue FCC ruling. Want to become Internet famous? Write a book (or call us 978.OFF.RANT - we'll make you as famous as Kurt). Tom said Bill Campbell but he meant Bruce Campbell. Negative 3 geek points. Viral marketing campaigns are the wave of the future. Tom wants a brain beam. Tom makes another old joke (Dina catches this one). Dina says something dirty. Thanks for listening.

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Tom Andry posts on February 24, 2008 15:34
Excellent! That's exactly what I'm talking about. It gets a little addictive doesn't it?
zhimbo posts on February 23, 2008 10:45
I don't lie.

zhimbo, post: 379536
Oh, heck, I'm going to be wasting a lot of time w/Audacity now. That really just feeds in to my geek tendencies. (Right, “tendencies”).

See, I've already wasted a lot of time. Here are some interesting examples…

Leonard Bernstein conducting Gershwin's “Rhapsody in Blue”

Miles Davis, “So What”

Fleetwood Mac, “Go Your Own Way”

Dixie Chicks, “Lubbock Or Leave It”

As you might expect, when you zoom in you can see that there is a lot of clipping going on in the last one.
zhimbo posts on February 22, 2008 15:40
Oh, heck, I'm going to be wasting a lot of time w/Audacity now. That really just feeds in to my geek tendencies. (Right, “tendencies”).
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