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AVRant #43: Proper Planning

by February 19, 2008
Poor HD DVD, we barely knew thee...

Poor HD DVD, we barely knew thee...

Tom hates Apple AND PC. Michael Bay did something funny (and for once it wasn't putting his foot in his mouth). Dina was supposed to be here but she couldn't because of technical difficulties. Hopefully, she'll have it worked out for Thursday. HD DVD is dead. Tom and Clint disagree on what all you HD DVD owners should do. Murphy says, "Consoles lose money." So let it be written, so let it be done. Call us at 978.OFF.RANT with your questions. We have a new site. Thanks Wordpress for making our lives hell. Feel free to give us your feedback. Jon brought up a good issue of proper planning. It worked out for Jon but Tom and Clint give you a few tips for making sure it works out for you. The writer's strike is over and who suffers? Me and you! We want 24! Marantz 7002 looks like a pretty interesting receiver. Look for a review soon. A few more hints about our super-secret film project. Thanks for listening.

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