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AVRant #42: Games for Anorexics

by February 15, 2008
I shoulda said ribs... or bacon... pretty much anything pork related...

I shoulda said ribs... or bacon... pretty much anything pork related...

Dina starts off being mean to Tom (welcome back). Netflix sucks. Their "watch it now" movies is code for "not a chance sucka". Tom's bitter (and sounds like he's been smoking too much). Will Tom try the iTunes movies? Probably not. Netflix goes Blu which is great for HD DVD owners who will hopefully pick up a few discs for cheap. The Great Lobster Scam of 2008 is exposed. Marketing people are from Uranus. Will The Hobbit movies ever come out? Tom and Dina discuss. There may be video games coming out that will be an all time low. Dina has some last minute Valentine's advice (not). Tom shares some advice on cooling your equipment. Thanks for listening and have a happy Valentine's Day.

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