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AVRant #38: Imeem vs Pandora

by January 24, 2008
Dina, J, and a speaker sitting in a tree...

Dina, J, and a speaker sitting in a tree...

Blind testing at T.H.E Show?! Who let those people in there? Tom dissects the article. Does he think that it is possible to hear the difference between high-end speaker cables and zip cord? Yep! Surprised? You'll have to listen in for the explanation. Want to know what gauge speaker cable to use? Tom runs through Gene's cable article. Imeem vs. Pandora. Tom and Dina weigh in. Feel free to friend Tom and hear the entire version of the AVRant theme song plus other Nerdcore classics. Clint shouldn't be allowed to make playlists. Dina doesn't know who Stephen Hawking is and Tom's brain almost exploded. Is paper a bad material for a speaker cone? Chris wants to know. Does Dina prefer Blu-ray or HD DVD? Robert wants to know. How long will HD DVD hang on? Tom makes a prediction… sort of. Did the porn industry kill Betamax? XStreamHD… is it the future? Who knows. But it looks hella cool! Thanks for listening.

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