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AVRant #32: Christmas List 2007 part 1

by December 13, 2007
Whats todays date? Im so confused.

What's today's date? I'm so confused.

Tom and Dina start off addressing some questions and Dina's first hate mail. They talk about such important issues as how someone can find Tom on Halo 3 and kill him (friend AVRant - no, it's not original), how hot Dina is, and updating firmware on the A2. Tom rants on crazy Internet people. How can you ruin the country? It's all up to your display buying decisions. How long will it take to get your free HD DVD's from Toshiba? FOREVER. Tom gets threatened by a listener. Will switching from Composite to S-video make a difference? Tom weighs in. Tom's getting old. Tom and Dina run through their Christmas buying lists… and run out of time. Dina's got some suggestions for gifts for girls while Tom has some advice for our listener's lady friends. They'll finish up next week. We're in the mid thirties on Podcast Alley - if you haven't voted yet this month, click here. Thanks for listening.

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