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AVRant #28: Dina has hit her Quotie

by November 15, 2007
Stupid planes flying over my stupid house...

Stupid planes flying over my stupid house...

Tom starts off with a few announcements about the AVRant voicemail, the new music challenge, a few minor changes to the website, and AVRant’s ranking on Podcast Alley (you guys ROCK!!!). Tom mentioned “Save the Milk” but he meant RememberTheMilk.com. Tom talks about the Grindhouse movies and gives his impression of their visual and audio styles. Tom laments his recently deceased Xbox. What should you get the CEO of Sony for Christmas? How ’bout a time machine. Tom throws down on Blu-ray (don’t worry, he’s got no love for HD DVD either). Do you know what LARP is? Listen in to find out. Have you seen Trekkies? Dina has and that’s pretty cool. Tom answers some listener questions about future proofing your system and whether it is better to have one more expensive sub or two cheaper ones. Tom talks about WAF briefly. You have homework - Read THIS. Do it now. Tom realized right after they finished taping that he forgot to give his impressions of the HD DVD version of Transformers. That’ll just have to wait until next week. Thanks for listening.

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