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AVRant #2: Kurt loves us!

by May 17, 2007

We got our first call! Kurt’s the man! We discuss how audiophiles react to simple questions, HDTV in general, routing your video connections through your receiver, and video game movies. There are a couple of DVD reviews and plenty of off topic banter. For the record, we had some video/audio problems that we mostly covered pretty well. Dina couldn’t see me and her audio kept stopping and then rushing up (she sounded like a chipmunk) for me. This means that there were more than a couple of occasions when I was reacting to what I thought she said rather than what she actually said. Of course you know I’d never let a statement like, “Resident Evil was the first zombie movie I’ve ever seen,” pass uncommented on if I had actually heard it!

Blogs include Gene's plans to team up on a gamer on Star Trek Legacy, what Clint's been doing all week (we swear, it isn't about bees this time), and Dina gives a little "behind the scenes" at AV Rant. Check it out!

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