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AVRant #14: Release the Geek

by August 15, 2007
You say it... No, YOU say it...

You say it... No, YOU say it...

Kurt takes a stab at the correct Denon pronunciation which leads into a discussion of other alternate pronunciations. Bobmac's rant comes up (Tom talks about his mom), Tom challenges you to let your inner geek out (and we learn about Dina's geek secret), Tom's take on the vinyl vs. CD debate, and whether or not a burned CD is better than a pressed CD. A short discussion about the Audioholics party sneaks in at the end. Tom edited this in a Chili's Too in the Atlanta Airport and on a plane to and from Boston so if he missed some of the times that Dina hit the mic or if some of the cuts are a little rough, he apologizes. See you Thursday!

Edit: Gene says, "Basically if a record is cut at too high a level, the playback cartridge and stylus will be unable to track it.  At both low and high frequencies, the cartridge will be unable to cope with excessively wide groove excursions. This is why they had to be more careful with recording levels back in the day and make proper usage of equalization to get the best overall frequency response."

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