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AV Rant #81: Wall-E Damage

by July 06, 2008
Dont Even THINK About Missing This One

Don't Even THINK About Missing This One

Another threesome - this time with J and Dina. Jaime’s Flaming Onkyo update. Paul wants to know if he should be interested in tube amps or not. Do Tom and J have Audiophilenervousa? Tom’s theory of esoteric speaker design. J and Dina went to see Wall-E this weekend and had tons of stuff to share. J is old. Getting free tickets at the theater. Tom’s got a new series of editorials coming out soon. Something to look forward to or avoid depending on what you think of Tom. DRM in the future - government controlled? Tom will be on vacation next week so it will probably be Clint and Dina. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to vote for us at Podcast Alley.

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