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AV Rant #53: Monster Podcast

by March 26, 2008
Poor Jim...

Poor Jim...

Tom and Clint have a ton of email to sort through so they get right to it. They start off touching on watts briefly and then move on to soundproofing. Clint brings up Acoustiblok which he saw at EHX. Why does Clint hate DLP? What should you look for when shopping for a front projector? What are the advantages to buying locally versus online? What's the deal with the PS3 and TrueHD, bitstream, DTS HD, and all that? Tom loves fan boys. Jim interrupted the Podcast - talk about bad timing! What's the deal with Hsu's Mid-bass Module? How much should you spend on speakers in a system? Thanks for listening and don't forget to vote for us at Podcast Alley.

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