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AV Rant #45: Power Conditioner or Rip-off?

by February 28, 2008
Thats what we said... RIP OFF!

That's what we said... RIP OFF!

Geek bathroom reading. Someone at Denon is throwing a party. We get an email from someone named Gene. This may change the podcast dynamic in the future. What sort of sound card should you use with your HTPC? Tom and Clint weigh in. Of course, they can agree on one thing - why are you using an HTPC? Adrian has a few questions about 5.1 vs. 7.1 systems. Wireless speakers - good idea? Tom and Clint have reviewed a number of products and summarize. Running wires - Clint's got a favorite method that doesn't involve attics, basements, or pulling up carpets. How big should your room be for 7.1? What about upgrading speakers? New set or a pair of a time? As Audioholics, we really want to recommend something that we can't. What could it be? What's the deal with the Audioholics store and our recommended systems? Hurricane parties. Some shocking statements are made about a VERY prominent power conditioner manufacturer. Let the hate mail fly. Thanks for listening.

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audioman00 posts on March 01, 2008 15:36
dam, now i am dissapointed in Tom. J/k tom, keep rippin cables cable badass
Kolia posts on March 01, 2008 09:41

Oh that's a good idea! Being French Canadian myself, Tom I have a whole repertoire of French Canadian “delicate” expressions you can use. I can even help with the pronunciation (not that that has ever mattered on AVRant).

These can range from the cute to the rather nasty! The really bad one all have biblical reference that would translate too easily to English tho…
emorphien posts on March 01, 2008 00:47
I keep waiting for some of the media access interfaces for HTPCs to mature. I've found nothing that really worked in Linux and I've played with Media Portal for Windows, which shows promise, but still isn't there yet either.

Either way though, perfectly happy to use my old computer as an HTPC, it even has optical out so sound quality has been great. It eventually got cranky about the overclock though, I think the old Shuttle powersupply is starting to show its age. I can see the point of wanting to centralize everything on the HTPC, eliminate the separate components and just hook it up to the amplifier, but realistically I would never want to take it that direction. I'd still rather keep the separate components.
AdrianMills posts on March 01, 2008 00:27
Tom Andry, post: 381989
I'm very careful to say “frickin” every time I feel like saying something else. I just went back and listened to it again and I did, in fact, say “frickin”. Since that word is used extensively on Scrubs which is replayed at all times of day and night, I feel it is FCC and child friendly. Sorry if that got you into any trouble.

I don't think your apology was at all necessary. If I had to apologize to every frickin oversensitive for my extensive use of the bloody French language I would be doing nothing frickin else. Crap.

The guy should be wearing ear buds or not listening at all at work with a boss like that, after all, it's not really a secret that you get a little irate at times and it's not your responsibility to anticipate every listeners personal issues either, not unless you want to aim your show at the under twelve’s.

aarond, dude, if it offends, don't frickin listen. Too many fricken dumb people in this world.
chadnliz posts on February 29, 2008 18:06
If you think the F word is no big deal then try posting with it here…..try it?

Have not heard back from the caster who insists he said frick not F^*k but it is obvious what was said, I am sure it was most likely a slip which is no big deal but I wish he would simply own up to it, if he truely thinks that is what he said I am going to JOKRINGLY….again JOKEINGLY suggest he isnt the person to tell folks if he hears or doesnt hear a difference in equipment.
I am no ultra conservative prude but in some circumstances that word is simply classless.
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