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Four Cool AV Gadgets Born By Combining Health and Consumer Electronics

by July 17, 2015

I’m not sure how many of you know my story or background. Not talking about ethnicity or social class, but the professional one; the one that truly marks you for life. Because what you choose to be or do is what denominates and makes you. To make the story short, my background is a Baccalaureate degree in nursing from the University of South Florida, and was working towards my Masters Degree specialty in Occupation Health Nursing Practitioner.  This degree allows me to see the problems that arise in not only your health, but what health issues jobs can cause. Occupational health in particular pertains to the area in which preventative care and education is given to our clients so that they may entail their job not only professionally, but safely; not much different from a true Audioholics Fan. Audioholics prides itself in educating consumers (i.e. patients) in intelligent buying approaches (i.e. safety) to make their home theater (i.e. jobs) the best one based on the budget and desire.

When these two markets, health and Consumer Electronics (CE) combine, the most innovative and coolest products are born.  Future Automation, for example, is the market leader in flat screen mounting solutions and high-tech automation devices. They devised a way for people that are bed-bound (Alzheimer’s, quadriplegia, hip fractures, etc) to still enjoy their TV without having to travel to their family room or reach for their TV remote at their desk. Their product is called the Under Bed Lift or UBL. It’s a compact design with a near silent motor and a full cable management system. An impressive mechanism that can store a flat screen underneath a bed without having to worry about the undercarriage storage for it.  Just think about the innovation of this product. For a bed ridden viewer, ample room is needed for all the other “amenities” found in their bedroom, starting from the bed alarms, lifting mechanisms for mobilization, motorized chairs and wheelchairs, etc.  No more excuses about “no space left for a TV,” unless you want it wall mounted and let everything else obstruct its visibility. Even the pickiest wife can't say no to this. It’s so easy to hide that it will blow her mind. Its length in closed position its only 55.6” and the under the bed depth reaches a mere 8.5” in length.  It can still hold up to a 70 lb TV without any problems.


Check this page out for more information on this company’s product line.

Of course, we can’t let the fun and social engagement stop there. Even more commonly known electronics companies, in this case LG Electronics, has also combined forces with health management corporations to help out the home bound in need for socialization. To make things ever easier, Home Controls, specializing in home automation, is one of the leading companies to fuse CE technology into home health. Don’t be fooled, they also provide systems that include lighting, blinds, security, audio, phone, heating/cooling, date network, video, irrigation, home theater and more all at the touch of a finger. They have provided the medium to combine both LG Electronics with Independa to spread the love. Independa is a cloud-based software solution that adds value to each member within the circle of care, from customer organization to the care recipient to the personal caregiver. Care recipients enjoy social integration and important appointment and medicine reminders through the world’s first and only TV with embedded remote care services. It’s all easy taken care of with these three magic ingredients: LG Television (32"), LG Magic Remote Control and an LG Chat-Cam Camera. Even for the group of clients that still have issues with manipulation and hand controls; they can easily engage the system by either waving the magic wand (remote) in front of the TV or simply using the ball wheel scroll feature in the remote.


More information on this product can be found here. 

Going back to the clutter home bound room, let’s drift our focus to the armoire or desk area where the supplemental equipment is found. Harper Technology Group and GrandCare Systems bring to the market the most comprehensive and feature packed system available in the world today.  This system combines aspects of home automation technology, activities of daily living assessment, secure internet communications, health monitoring, family and friend socialization and awareness, cognitive stimulation and even energy control, in one flexible, affordable system. Their product line of Home Health Tech is not only used at Assisted Living facilities and Retirement Homes but they are also used at the consumer’s homes too. Their motto is to allow a higher opportunity of independent living with home automation and social engagement. What makes this happen? A wonderful touch screen is placed at customer’s home. It allows for a full access to news, weather, email reminders and more, even playing games, music and many other activities that help to improve their cognitive minds. Every day stimulation is a big thing in this type of patient care, even if is just to keep your mind sane while homebound or alone.


Check this website out for more information.

Of course, no true social engagement and enjoyment can be obtained nowadays without our computers and their capability to control our home via electronic services. Most of us even take it to the extreme of making it easy by Apping our cell phones and tables on the way out.  A company called Home Controls offer communication with all of its applications for the home bound like blood pressure monitoring, medication dispenser with reminder settings, door answering systems, wireless intercom kits, etc. All of these created with some main things in mind and with the use of wonderful technology; safety and independence.  To enhance the services, Home Controls also allows you to stay in touch with wireless email with Presto Computerless Email. Most of the independent senior population find it hard to keep up with technology, but still don’t want to give up looking cool and remaining in touch with loved ones.  This technology allows them to do both as easily as possible. This system allows them to receive email, digital photos and documents without a computer and internet connection; not a joke.  A true statement and all with the ease of a telephone jack. Presto transfers these messages into the pictures that print out automatically, without even having to check. Even cooler, it looks like you have a computer. Let’s impress the family and friends and keep away the computer viruses; one less thing to worry about.


Check this website out for more information.

Take into consideration that a lot of these systems do require a monthly service fee, but that’s a small price to pay for its service, maintenance and enhancement of our lives and security. The union of these two areas of life is well worth the expense, especially if it allows communication with the outside world. For those audiophiles that are home bound, this might help relieve the separation anxiety and social isolation from technology and family; these are some of the answers to your calls!


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Bertha DellaSala, a Registered Nurse with a BSN, specializes in Preventative and Occupational Health, particularly in Ergonomics and Hearing Loss Prevention. Her expertise has been a valuable addition to Audioholics, where she combines her passion for home theater with her dedication to helping enthusiasts enjoy their hobby safely and protect their most important asset: their hearing.

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