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Video: Installing Surround Sound Speakers



  • Product Name: DIY Surround Sound Installation
  • Manufacturer: Audioholics
  • Review Date: September 27, 2007 10:43
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool
  • Razor knife
  • Tape Measure
  • Speaker cables (preferably 12-14 gauge)
  • Metal coat hanger
  • Drill (preferably cordless)
  • Decora style wall plate(s) with binding posts
  • Wire cutters
  • Pencil
  • Wall anchors or speaker mount/bracket (appropriate to your needs and the surround speaker)

Executive Overview

We know you're out there. Yes, you. The guy who bought that 5.1 surround sound system in Christmas of 2006 but still hasn't hooked up the rear speakers. It's too hard, you say! There, there, we feel your pain. But it's not really all that bad. In fact, we decided to put our money - uh, make that our bodies - where our mouths are. Audioholics takes itself up into the attic... in the middle of summer... in Florida... to help YOU learn how to install your surround sound speakers. Yeah, we love ya.

Honestly, it's not that hard. Just remember a few simple steps:

  • Assemble your tools and hardware first (look at the video for a list)
  • PLAN your installation (speaker locations, where your studs are, how to get from point A to point B)
  • Give yourself ample time (30 minutes before the big game is not a wise idea)
  • Drink plenty of liquids (or do the job in the winter. Don't be fools like us - we get paid to do stupid things)
  • Plan for cleanup (spackling paste, touch-up paint, etc)
  • Measure TWICE, cut once. You don't want to cut into a wall at the perfect spot for your speaker only to run into a stud.
  • Use the right tool for the right job - it makes the job so much easier and enjoyable
  • Always check your local building codes. We don't know if you need a permit in your area or not - it's up to you to know the laws and to use the proper cabling that is required in your area.

Well, other than that it's up to you to watch the video and adapt it to fit your particular needs. I will tell you this - if you have surrounds (or extra speakers for that matter) just lying around, you OWE it to yourself to go ahead and get them installed. You won't regret it and the difference will blow you away. What are you doing still reading this? Get cracking!

Unless otherwise indicated, this is a preview article for the featured product. A formal review may or may not follow in the future.

Grassy posts on March 29, 2015 22:17
I installed some surrounds in my lounge room 2 weeks ago and running the cables in the ceiling was a hot affair.I would hate to be an electrician.Too darn hot up there for my taste.I hate it when you leave the drill back at the man hole and you have to crawl all the way back to get it. Man that pisses me off.
gene posts on April 26, 2011 18:34
Did I hear them correctly say they are using 12-2 wire? As in electrical wire used for wiring homes?

14/4 is the way to go. I made the mistake of running 10/2 throughout my house which is very difficult to terminate and impossible to connect to VCs. 14/4 gives you 11AWG equivalent resistance which is close enough to 10AWG while still being manageable.
k_lewis posts on April 26, 2011 14:35
nicely published, good info for the beginner.
Links2 posts on February 08, 2010 21:23
Speaker wire

Did i hear them correctly say they were using 12-2 wire. Is that wiring used to wire a house? We actually use 14-2 up here, but just wondering if it is the same stuff?
Links2 posts on February 08, 2010 21:18
speaker wire

Did I hear them correctly say they are using 12-2 wire? As in electrical wire used for wiring homes?
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