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iLuv iSP245 Mo’Beats Speaker Stand Preview

iLuv Mo’Beats Speaker Stand

iLuv Mo’Beats Speaker Stand


  • Product Name: iSP245 Speaker Stand
  • Manufacturer: iLuv
  • Review Date: March 28, 2012 07:20
  • MSRP: $89.99
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool
  • Slim, compact speaker stand with cradle for portrait or landscape viewing
  • Opposing speaker orientation provides a wide sound stage
  • Built-in Mini-USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery for extended play
  • Aux-in to play almost any audio device

We're so sick of all the new docks, speaker systems, and iDevice add-ons that it takes a lot to even catch our attention long enough to keep us from deleting your email out of hand. That sounds rough, but it is true. Sure, we'll stop and laugh at stuff like the iPig (and maybe report on it though you won't like what we say), but if we see one more black box with a single driver in it and an iPod mounted on top, we're considering killing ourselves. Enough already. Just... enough.

So, when I got the iLuv press release about their Mo'Beats Speaker stand my reaction was multifaceted and universally negative. Any company with a lowercase 'i' at the start of their name automatically has a strike against them. Add to that the misspelling of 'love' and you're already up to two strikes and no balls and I haven't even gotten past the email title. Now move on to the 'Mo'Beats' model name and it is three pitches, three strikes: you're out.

But for some reason, I opened the image of the product. Maybe it was in the shape of a drum or something? If nothing else than to see if I could lampoon it on the site. That's always good for some controversy.

But, dare I say, it looked simple, clean, and *gasp* elegant? Yes! I dared. So I took a closer look.

The Mo'Beats is both a wireless speaker and a stand. Now, I'm not talking about the wireless speakers like you see in these HTiB solutions where you still have to plug it in. The iLuv Mo'Beats sports a liithium-ion battery that can be recharged by mini-usb. This promises long battery life and quick recharge time (those of you with li-ion tools know what I'm talking about).

On top of that, it offers a Bluetooth connection to any enabled device. So, now you've got wireless two ways. But what if you have an older device without Bluetooth (or maybe you are having problems pairing), well the Mo'Beats has that covered as well with a 3.5mm port for a wired connection.

And that's about it. But, breaking with my normal tradition of complaining about everything, I'm not going to mention the lack of additional inputs. This is a one-device, portable solution. How many devices are you going to be using with it anyhow?

The Mo'Beats sort of looks like a comma from the side. It features a speaker at each end of the long tube. On the front is a lip for holding your device. The stand portion is long enough to easily accommodate an iPad in portrait and landscape mode. This makes for a perfect solution for those on the go that want to watch a movie (or other content) but want better sound and don't want to hold their device. 

Now, in true "we put out so many products we can't be bothered to update our webpage" fashion, iLuv has scant few details on the Mo'Beats. There is no information of driver size, frequency response, or even color options. I'm most concerned about the size of the lip and whether or not it is large enough to accommodate a device that has a protective case (like all of mine do). If you have to remove the case, the Mo'Beats is pretty much useless.


Sure, it is a one trick pony, but the iLuv Mo'Beats has a good trick. A truly wireless speaker (lithium-ion powered) with a wireless (Bluetooth) or wired (3.5mm) connection to your device, the Mo'Beats will hold your device while you use it. This is great for students or professionals on the go that don't want to deal with a bunch of wires. It is also great for those that don't have a single spot that they use a dock or have more than one person in a family that wants to use it. At $90, the Mo'Beats isn't cheap but it is an elegant solution to the problem of wires, portability, and hands.

For more information, please visit www.i-luv.com.

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