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Dirac HD Player App Conclusion


The question I believe I need to answer is whether purchasing the Dirac HD Player is better than buying a new set of headphones. Well, if you could point me to $2.99 headphones that perform as well as the Dirac HD Player, I'd say no. But you are going to have to spend upwards of $40-$60 to get something that sounds as good as the Dirac HD player. While it can't turn your earbuds into $500 headphones, and the interface leads a little to be desired, it can take something that sounds fairly horrible out of the box and make them sound so much better than you won't believe your ears. I know I didn't.

Dirac HD Player App

MSRP: Free Trial; $2.99 Full


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Recent Forum Posts:

smurphy522 posts on December 05, 2012 08:28
I use the lite (free) version of the App. I would agree there is a considerable improvement in the sound quality. I only use the stock Apple buds during my commute in a van pool. If I use my better sounding Shure IEMs then I cannot have/hear any bit of a conversation with co-workers.

It makes the stock buds bearable to say the least!
boxerdog posts on December 04, 2012 21:51
Tried the Dirac Lite on Iphone 5 with earbuds. Music tested Jesse Cook Montreal. Midrange was enhanced but some of the highs and lows could not be heard until it was turned off. For my music tastes Standard music player is much better.
brianedm posts on December 04, 2012 18:48
Doesn't matter, the iphone head phones fall out of my big ears every 5 seconds
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