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Def Tech Embraces DTS Play-Fi With New Wireless Speakers

Def Tech Wireless Products

Def Tech Wireless Products


  • Product Name: W7, W9, W Studio Sound Bar, W Amp, W Adapt
  • Manufacturer: Def Tech
  • Review Date: September 18, 2014 05:15
  • MSRP: $Varies
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool

Definitive Technology unveiled at CEDIA 2014 its much anticipated Wireless Music System, equipped with DTS' Play-Fi technology for delivering audiophile-grade music anywhere or everywhere in the home over Wi-Fi. The brand new collection will allow listeners to stream and control music from smartphones, tablets or a PC wirelessly throughout the home, without loss of optimal audio performance.

It seems that all manufacturers are starting to realize they need to catch up with SONOS. For the most part, everyong is using DTS Play-Fi for wireless streaming. MartinLogan, Paradigm, Def Tech, Polk, and McIntosh are all brands that are working on Play-Fi speakers or have released them. The cool thing about Play-Fi is that you can mix and match Play-Fi devices from any brand and they will work together, so you can control McIntosh Play-Fi speakers and Def Tech Play-Fi speakers from the same app. Unlike Apple's AirPlay, Play-Fi works with many different devices and solutions. While AirPlay requires Apple products, you can stream to Play-Fi from their dedicated app or even your iTunes program on your computer making it much more useful.

The Wireless Collection transforms any area of the home—from the family room to the kitchen and the bedroom—into the ultimate listening room with its offering of beautifully designed modern and sophisticated audio offerings. Once the wireless music system is easily set up and connected to a Wi-Fi network, listeners are able to control all of their music from a phone, tablet or PC using Definitive Technology's dedicated Play-Fi app, compatible with Android and Apple iOS systems. Through the app, music aficionados can stream music from popular music services, including Pandora and Spotify, countless Internet radio stations or a personal music collection while browsing and discovering new content. Additionally, with Play-Fi's open platform design, users are easily able to mix-and-match any Play-Fi-enabled audio product from any manufacturer on the same home network1, providing them the freedom to grow and personalize their wireless home music setup any way they choose.

Features and price points of Definitive Technology's Wireless Collection include:

•W7 Wireless Speaker ($399) – The W7 is Definitive Technology's ultra-compact wireless speaker designed for the listener who is unwilling to compromise on performance, even in smaller living spaces.

W7_press     W7_back_CEDIA

Def Tech W7 Press Pic and Rear Pic from CEDIA 2014

•W9 Wireless Speaker ($699) – The W9 was built for audio aficionados seeking the ultimate audio performance. Due to the additional transducers and larger cabinet size, the W9 delivers exceptional dynamic range and extraordinary bass response, even in larger rooms. The "Tri-Polar" dispersion pattern sends sound in three directions for exhilarating sound that fills the room.

W9_press     W9_CEDIA

Def Tech W9 Press and CEDIA Pics

•W Studio Sound Bar with included Subwoofer ($1,299) – A wireless sound bar with accompanying 8-inch wireless subwoofer blends high-performance 5.1 theater sound with high-resolution musical reproduction, ideal for family rooms and home theaters. The sound bar's slim design—at only 3.5 inches deep—is complemented by its sleek, contemporary finish with solid aluminum end caps and has HDMI switching for both audio and video purposes. It also uses Definitive Technology's proprietary Spatial Array technology that engulfs listeners in lifelike surround sound without the clutter of five separate speakers. Lastly, the system is made even more impactful due to the rich bass produced by the downward firing subwoofer.

W Studio_Press     W Studio_CEDIA

Def Tech W Studio Sound Bare Press and CEDIA Pics

•W Adapt ($399) – The W Adapt transforms existing audio systems to include the latest music streaming services. The wireless adaptor connects seamlessly with nearly any home theater receiver using the latest digital and analog connections. Hookups include an auxiliary input to connect to a Blu-ray and DVD player or cable/satellite box, as well as digital outputs for connecting to a receiver and an optical input for hooking up to a TV and other devices. Additionally W Adapt comes with an accompanying rack-mount kit for pre-engineered rack systems.

W Adapt_press

Def Tech W Adapt

•W Amp ($499) – The W Amp is a wireless streaming amplifier that delivers an audiophile grade signal to your favorite loudspeaker with 150 watts of power per channel. When paired with Definitive Technology loudspeakers, the amplifier's EQ settings can be fully customized by accessing its Utility App. Similar to the W Adapt, audio enthusiasts will appreciate its included rack-mount kit for pre-engineered rack systems, as well as its line level Subwoofer output, and Left and Right channel line level inputs and outputs.

W Amp_press     W Adapt_back_CEDIA

Def Tech W Amp Press Pic and Rear Pic from CEDIA 2014

Definitive Technology's Wireless Collection will be available for pre-order beginning Sept 10 on www.definitivetech.com, BestBuy.com, Crutchfield.com and FutureShop.ca. It will be available for purchase beginning Oct. 5 at Magnolia locations inside Best Buy, Crutchfield.com and FutureShop locations in Canada.

For more information, please visit www.definitivetech.com.

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