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Allaire ARIS Overall Perception

By Aaron Howard

Winner of the 2013 Audioholics Consumer Excellence award, the Allaire ARIS Wireless Speaker system is impressive.  Reproducing crisp audio, paired with a sleek design, the ARIS would enhance most home decors.  Like any system, there are some features that are lacking or weak.  The most profound being that the Allaire ARIS Wireless Speaker did not feature Bluetooth capability at the time this review was written, which reduces my options to stream music.  However, Allaire just announced the following for ARIS, which will allow Apple and other Bluetooth devices to function seamlessly.

Avanatree Bluetooth 4.0 Music Receiver with aptX

Avantree Roxa USAAperion is proud to announce a partnership with Avantree to offer our first wireless Bluetooth audio accessory, the Avantree Roxa, Bluetooth 4.0 receiver with aptX technology.   Bluetooth is the most readily available and simplest way to stream music from a mobile device or PC. However, the biggest problem with built in Bluetooth audio on most audio products is quality of signal throughput. The Roxa comes standard with the best Bluetooth audio codec available in aptX.  AptX audio encoding allows CD quality 16-bit, 44.1kHz audio with data rates up to 352kbps for crystal clear and rich sound that your speakers deserve.  With the Roxa Bluetooth Music Receiver you can stream audio from your mobile device with the best audio quality available.  

The Roxa is an extremely easy to set up. Simply plug it into an outlet, connect the included 3.5mm audio cable to your powered speakers like our Allaire Aris, or to your home theater AVR.  Once the Roxa is plugged into the wall it's automatically ready to pair with your mobile device.  Select it in your settings and you're ready to stream anything from your phone, tablet or PC. An added benefit, the Roxa wall plug comes with a USB charging port so that you can charge your smartphone, MP3 player, ipad, iphone or ipod simultaneously.

Aperion sells the Roxa alone for $37, and paired with the Aris unit for $334.

All Aperion products are supported with our 30-day risk-free in-home audition, and FREE shipping both ways.


  • Play music wirelessly from your phone or other Bluetooth device through your home stereo system, in full CD quality hi-fi quality with aptX decoding.
  • Robust performance with accurate device location
  • Conveniently control & stream music with up to 35 foot range.
  • Simple to use, plug & play with auto-reconnect.
  • Supports multipoint pairing. Roxa can pair and connect simultaneously to both phone and tablet devices (stream music from your phone and use your Bluetooth headset simultaneously).
  • Extra 1A USB charging port included. Listen to music while charging your external device at the same time.

Overall, I believe that Aperion Audio is close to achieving their future proof goals.  Though the system excels in being compatible with WiFi, the current lack of Bluetooth support can be an issue for some consumers.  If Apple products are more to your taste, under the ARIS’ current configuration, you may find the need to use third party apps a little unsettling.  However, if you are a Windows ® user, than this system would be a fantastic addition.   


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