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Speaker Face-Off III: High End Bookshelves

by , , Steve DellaSala May 31, 2005


Original Publish Date: Nov, 2002

You may be puzzled when you look at this Loudspeaker Face Off Review and notice that there are brands and models of Loudspeakers ranging drastically in price and size. There are reasons to our madness as to why we choose such a diverse range of Loudspeakers to review.

  • These were the speakers available to us for the review.
  • Most importantly, price and size don't always dictate quality.

So on with the Face Off we say, and bring on the amusic!


Electronics & Accessories


Sony TA-E9000es

Preamp/Processor Firmware Ver. 2.01

Sherbourn 5/1500A

200/300 watt x 5 Power Amplifier

Aragon Soundstage


Aragon 8008x3

200/400 watt /ch x 3 Power Amplifier

Aragon 8002

150/300 watt/ch x 2 Power Amplifier

Harman Kardon AVI 200mkii

Integrated Pro-logic Amplifier


CD Changer

Harman Kardon FL8350

CD Changer

Apature OFC 12awg

Speaker Cables

Monster Cable Z2 speaker wire

Speaker Cables

Apature Interconnects

RCA / Digital Interconnects

Velodyne SPL 800

8" 600watt Subwoofer

RBH Signature 1010-SEP

Dual 10" Aluminum subwoofer with 350watt amp.




Speakers Tested

Retail Price

Alon Napoleon (5 Napoleon Satellites and ThunderBolt Subwoofer)


B&W DM602S1


Paradigm Studio 40v2


RBH 61-LSE Limited Edition Signature Series


Monitor Audio GR-10 Gold Series


Axiom Audio M22ti









Gene DellaSala (GDS)


Electrical Engineer; Founder and Chief Technical Writer for Audioholics.com


Steve DellaSala


Mechanical Engineer; Musician and Cofounder of Audioholics.com


Clint DeBoer


Recording Engineer and Multimedia Developer




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