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Polk Audio LSiM703 First Impressions


LSiM703 First Impressions

When the UPS delivery truck pulled up to my home to drop off the LSiM703's, I quickly signed off for them and started the unboxing process. The first thing I noticed was a hole in the side of the box large enough for me to fit my entire hand in. So, what did I do? I stuck my hand inside the box to see what type of protection the speakers had from punctures to the box. I was able to reach in and grab the speaker without opposition. As I started to unbox the 703’s I noticed that there was only Styrofoam on the top and bottom, with no protection in the middle. The speaker sat loosely in the Styrofoam, and the Styrofoam sat loosely in the box, allowing for everything to jostle around a bit during delivery. The speaker itself is wrapped in a soft cloth and a plastic bag, to prevent damage from dust, dirt, or moisture. Fortunately, there wasn’t any damage to the speaker, but I would like to see a little more robust package design for such a nice speaker.


LSiM703 Binding Posts

Polk Audio LSiM 703 Binding Posts

After I unpacked the LSiM703, I visibly inspected them and noticed some minor scuffs on the bottom and around the logo. I am not sure if these had been used previously (as is sometimes the case with review samples), but nobody looks at the bottom of the speaker anyway, and the mar on the logo scratched off easily when I rubbed it with my fingernail. The scuffs on the speaker might also be due to insufficient buffing at the factory. Either way, they were only noticeable under very close inspection and shouldn’t affect your purchase decision. Once I had them setup, I stepped back to take a look at the whole package, and they looked great! There’s no getting around it, they’re big, but the glossy front baffle and curved top make them look nice and big, not big and ugly.


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Recent Forum Posts:

Banu22elos posts on April 21, 2013 03:05
It seems like there's a correlation between Polk's reputation and the number of gray hairs one has.
jcunwired posts on April 20, 2013 22:05
English210, post: 963235
I am SO with you on that!!! 25yr old Kappa's with failing polydomes. The end of an era….'sniff'….I know I should upgrade, but all the listening I've done tells me it's gonna take north of $3K to improve on them, and even that will involve compromises…

I hear ya. Mine were Infinity Interlude, IL60, IL40 and IL36C center (the sub died long ago). I used them for 12 years, and 5 years ago I decided I would upgrade. Every year I would do my pilgrimage to B&M stores to listen, walked away dissatisfied. I ultimately settled in Philharmonic Audio fronts and center, keeping the IL40s (my favorites - great speakers) for surrounds. I gave the others to an old friend who was a bit down on his luck. I gotta say, I was a little verklempt driving away from the UPS store.
Cliff_is posts on April 12, 2013 23:31
jinjuku, post: 963167
Maybe for Polks next round they will bring back a truly large, no holds barred, forget about being skinny speaker. Just charge what you have to charge and make small production runs of it.

Might be a cool idea.

Klipsch has certainly embraced it.
j_garcia posts on April 12, 2013 16:14
Pyrrho, post: 963244
If you don't mind refurbished, you can get LSi speakers direct from Polk starting at $399.99/pair delivered with Polk warranty:

Pair LSI7 Cherry Bookshelf Loudspeakers Polk Audio 047192108671 | eBay

Frys has been known to carry some of their refurb stock as well. I got mine for less than that, and I bought 3 pairs Sold mine, but my brother still has one of those pairs.
-Stan- posts on April 12, 2013 13:22
I purchased my LSiM 703's from Polk ebay. At the time they were having a 20% off sale. That put them at $543 per speaker. The cabinets only had two very small marks on the bottom of each speaker about the size of a grain of rice. The rest of the cabinets are perfect. Of course you only get a one year warranty but speakers usually don't go bad unless you drive the crap out of them. I sold my LSi15's about two weeks after getting the 703's. I really enjoy the 703's more than the 15's for sure but I really recommend having a decent sub to go along. Especially for movies.
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