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Angel City Audio Trinity L/R & Center Conclusion


The Angel City Audio Trinity's sounded really sweet when I first heard them at the Audioholics GTG event and continued to do so once I got them into my audio room.  I found that the cabinets were built extremely well and their measurements showed them also to be well-designed speakers. Since the tweeter is a Vifa I was able to do a little research on them and found that the distortion measurements on it were very low. In my listening tests I still found them to sound good at low to moderate volume. At higher volume they did compress the sound, losing some of the detail they had at the lower volumes.  Also, I think if Angel City Audio used a D’Appolito design for the main speakers, the vertical dispersion and phase improvement from this design could have resulted in a better sound stage and image placement. 

Although these speakers are not perfect, and of course none are, I would definitely recommend them for a smaller room with some room treatment on the side walls. The three (LCR) speakers worked very nicely together which made for an enjoyable movie and music experience.


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