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Lethal Weapon: The Complete Series DVD Review

by December 07, 2006

Movie Summary

Lethal Weapon
This is the thrill-packed story of two Vietnam-vets-turned-cops who have just one other thing in common: both hate to work with partners. But their partnership becomes the key to survival when a routine murder investigation leads to all-out, take-no-prisoners, martial-arts-and-machine-guns war with an international heroin ring. Director Richard Donner moves that war at two speeds: fast and faster. Hot L.A. days and nights explode in one show-stopping scene after another.

Lethal Weapon 2
Buddy-cops Martin Riggs and Murtaugh are back, trying to keep a key witness - and themselves - alive. And exciting it is, from its breathless opening chase through L.A. streets to its raging gun-battle finale. In between, there's a six-story plummet from a window, a booby-trapped toilet, a Houdini-like underwater escape and the incredible destruction of a chic hillside stilt house.

Lethal Weapon 3
They come, they see, they kick butt in a caper that has L.A. police detectives Riggs and Murtaugh ripping into a vicious crime ring dealing guns to the streets. Joe Pesci returns as shady ex-mob accountant Leo Getz, and Rene Russo adds a lethal kick as Internal Affairs investigator Lorna Cole, like Riggs a born risktaker. Risks are everywhere: a high-rise explodes into dust, a housing tract goes up like matchsticks and Riggs takes an 80-foot plunge on a motorcycle.

Lethal Weapon 4
Uncle Benny, Chinatown's mob boss, imports Chinese slaves to pay for an artist, who creates counterfeit Chinese currency which they will use to buy their leaders back from the Chinese military. Let Li "co-stars" in this action-riveted finalé.

Audio Performance

Yes, I had each movie CRANKED to a very good volume level and they all delivered pleasantly. On the average, each movie scored perfectly in sound performance. Explosions! Gunfire! Hit and Smack scenes! Who could ask for more?

Video Performance

The scenes were true to movie transfer form. I found the images to be crisp and clean, even in the darker scenes.

Special Features

This disc featured: Behind-the-scenes Footage, Interviews, Theatrical Trailer, Additional Footage, Audio Commentary, Documentaries, Film Highlights, Featurette, Production Notes, Interactive Menus. Very well-rounded selection of extras. Good enough for the collector for movies of this type.

Interface Presentation

A couple presentations were great; a couple were average-appealling. Every one got the job done, if you're looking at ergonomics. Very good.


Just about everyone has seen at least one of the Lethal Weapon movies; and, if you're an action flick fan, you won't be disappointed by this collection. Rent one if you're in the mood; buy if you are a collector!

Happy Viewing!


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